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Introduction to quantum mechanics - Wikipedia
Quantum mechanics is the science of the very small. It explains the behavior of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles.

Quantum Physics: Quantum Theory / Wave Mechanics
Quantum Physics: Quantum Theory / Wave Mechanics: The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) and Spherical Standing Wave Interactions explains Discrete Energy States of ...

Quantum Mechanics: Animation explaining quantum physics
Covers all topics, including wave particle duality, Schrodinger's cat, EPR / Bell inequality, and the relationship between measurement and entanglement.

Interpretations of quantum mechanics - Wikipedia
An interpretation of quantum mechanics is a set of statements which attempt to explain how quantum mechanics informs our understanding of nature.

quantum mechanics | physics | Britannica.com
quantum mechanics: Science dealing with the behaviour of matter and light on the atomic and subatomic scale. It attempts to describe and account for the properties of ...

What Is Quantum Mechanics? - Live Science
Quantum mechanics is the body of scientific laws that describe the wacky behavior of photons, electrons and the other particles that make up the universe.

Visualization of Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics)
This video visually demonstrates some basic quantum physics concepts using the simple case of a free particle. All the simulations here are based on real ...

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation | edX
A simple conceptual introduction to quantum mechanics and quantum computation.

Quantum Physics: Werner Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle ...
Werner Heisenberg on Quantum Mechanics. The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) explains Werner Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle as caused by Quantum Physics / Mechanics ...

Quantum Mechanics - Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Explore thousands of free applications across science, mathematics, engineering, technology, business, art, finance, social sciences, and more.



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Quantum Physics For Beginners: Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Theory Explained
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from classical to quantum mechanics by g. Sudarshan (2004, hardback)
End Date: Thursday Dec-14-2017 21:27:09 PST
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Modern Quantum Mechanics (Revised Edition), Sakurai, J. J., Acceptable
End Date: Saturday Dec-16-2017 19:22:35 PST
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Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (EDN 2) by David J. Griffiths
End Date: Wednesday Dec-13-2017 1:15:13 PST
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Introduction To Quantum Mechanics 2 Rev ed
End Date: Friday Dec-15-2017 7:47:35 PST
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Quantum Mechanics in Simple Matrix Form
End Date: Saturday Dec-16-2017 5:23:02 PST
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Quantum Mechanics Non-Relativistic Theory L.D. Landau Third Edition
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Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry
End Date: Friday Dec-15-2017 21:53:53 PST
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BRAND NEW Principles of Quantum Mechanics by R. Shankar 2012 Hardcover
End Date: Wednesday Dec-20-2017 11:37:07 PST
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Principles of Quantum Mechanics by Ramamurti Shankar - 1988, 7th Print HC
End Date: Wednesday Dec-20-2017 17:41:12 PST
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Topics in Advanced Quantum Mechanics
End Date: Thursday Dec-14-2017 3:45:20 PST
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BRAND NEW Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David Griffiths 2004 Hardcover
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Modern Quantum Mechanics by J. J. Sakurai and San F. Taun (1993, Hardcover, Revi
End Date: Tuesday Dec-12-2017 18:02:59 PST
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End Date: Thursday Dec-14-2017 7:49:27 PST
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Philosophic Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
End Date: Monday Dec-18-2017 7:03:40 PST
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University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

Professor to study quantum mechanics in space
University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily
This field of study — where physicists learn more about atoms and how they interact with the environment, otherwise known as quantum mechanics — is primarily what the CAL intends to explore. The CAL is being built by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in ...


What Is The Future Of Quantum Mechanics? - Forbes
What is the future of quantum mechanics? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and ...

and more »


Scientists Confirm Light's Crazy Quantum Mechanical Properties in ...
Here's the thing about quantum mechanics: it works on Earth, but how do we know that it works elsewhere—like in space? That requires testing it over and over ...
There and Back Again: Scientists Beam Photons to Space to Test ...Space.com
Space-Based Test Proves Light's Quantum WeirdnessScientific American
Light's quantum weirdness survives after going to space and back ...New Scientist
all 8 news articles »


Quantum Physicists Conclude Necessary Makeup of Elusive Tetraquarks
The very laws of physics dictate that it would be impossible for four quarks to come together and form a stable hadron. But two physicists found a way to simplify (as much as you can “simplify” quantum mechanics) the approach to the search for tetraquarks.


The new thermodynamics: how quantum physics is bending the rules
It would take a foolhardy physicist to dare attempt to break the laws of thermodynamics. But it turns out that there may be ways to bend them. At a lab at the University of Oxford, UK, quantum physicists are trying to do so with a small lump of ...

Science Daily

Nanomagnets levitate thanks to quantum physics -- ScienceDaily
Science Daily
Quantum physicists have now shown that, despite Earnshaw's theorem, nanomagnets can be stably levitated in an external static magnetic field owing to ...

and more »


How China Is Using Quantum Physics to Take Over the World and ...
China is leading the world in developing unbreakable encryption using quantum physics.

and more »

War on the Rocks

The Leap into Quantum Technology: A Primer for National Security Professionals
War on the Rocks
Most modern technology already leverages quantum physics. The trillion-dollar semiconductor industry, which has given us powerful microprocessors and mobile telephony, owes its existence to the quantum behavior of electrons in solids. In practice ...


Physicists Confirm Quantum Theory Proposed in the 1930s | Physics ...
Professor David McKenzie from the University of Sydney and his PhD student Enyi Guo have demonstrated quantum tunneling in water -- a quantum ...

and more »

Science News (blog)

Quantum computers take a step forward with a 50-qubit prototype
Science News (blog)
CHOMPING AT THE QUBIT IBM announced two new advances to its quantum computing hardware (cooling system and other infrastructure shown): a 20-qubit processor that will be available commercially and a 50-qubit prototype currently undergoing testing ...
IBM Raises the Bar with a 50-Qubit Quantum ComputerMIT Technology Review
What Is A Quantum Computer And How Excited Should I Be ...Gizmodo Australia
IBM makes 20 qubit quantum computing machine available as a cloud serviceTechCrunch
Gizmodo -Engadget -NBC 7 San Diego -IBM
all 114 news articles »



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